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This is the society portal on Quandl. Societal data on Quandl comes from a variety of reliable and credible sources, including the World Bank, the UN, and government statistical agencies around the world.


US Violent CrimeDatasets pertaining to violent crime in the United States. Sources included the FBI, DOJ, polls and academic surveys.
OECD Murder RatesCurrent and historical murder rates (assault deaths per 100,000 people) for 33 countries. Data is per the OECD.
US EducationEducation statistics including graduation rates, dropout rates, and composition of students.
US TransportationTransportation statistics including fuel prices, fatalities and car ownership.
Chinese CultureMedia, tourism, postal and telecommunications, internet usage and other sociocultural indicators.
Chinese EducationEducation statistics including enrolment rates, teacher-student ratios and funding.
Chinese TransportationTransportation statistics including passenger traffic, car ownership and length of transportation routes.
Chinese PopulationChinese population, age composition, birth and death rates, marriage and divorce rates.
List of All CountriesList of 200+ countries with societal data. Click on any country listed on this page to see 100+ social indicators for that country. Countries are grouped by region.
List of All IndicatorsList of 100+ societal indicators. Click on any indicator listed on this page to see the value of that indicator across 200+ countries and regional groups. Indicators are grouped by theme.

List of Countries with Society Data

List of Society Indicators Across Countries


All data on Quandl is guaranteed to be the freshest possible version of that data, brought to you directly from the original publisher of that data, with link-backs for validation and transparency.

Quandl is a collaborative effort. If there's a dataset or indicator that you would like added to Quandl's society portal, please let me know.