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This is the market data portal on Quandl. Quandl has historical and current market data on equities, interest rates, exchange rates, commodities, real estate and much more. All of Quandl's market data is downloadable and free, with no restrictions on its use.

All data on Quandl is guaranteed to be the freshest possible version of that data, brought to you directly from the original publisher of that data, with link-backs for validation and transparency.


US Interest Rates90+ key interest rates for the USA, including treasuries, corporates, consumer, credit, indexes and more.
US Sector Indexes60+ sectoral stock indexes for the USA, showing performance for various slices of the US economy.
Chinese Asset MarketsStocks, bonds, money supply, interest and exchange rates for China.
CommoditiesSpot and/or futures prices for 76 commodities and 12 commodity indexes.
Futures200+ futures contracts from 10+ exchanges, with prices, commitments, and continuous contract info.
CurrenciesExchange rates versus the U.S. Dollar for over 200 currencies.
G-10 Cross RatesFX cross rates for 10 major currencies.
G-20 Markets by SizeEquity and bond market capitalizations and trading volumes for the G-20 economies
Global Stock Indexes 85+ global stock market indexes representing 60+ stock exchanges from Amman to Zagreb.
Global Interest RatesReal interest rates for 200+ countries, from the World Bank (annual data).
Global Markets Overview25 major global stock market indexes, 20 commodities, 20 reference interest rates, and 20 foreign exchange rates.

Data Sources

Market data on Quandl comes from a variety of reliable and credible sources:

  • primary sources: nearly 100 stock, futures and commodity exchange, clearing-houses and trade organizations
  • secondary sources: data aggregators including Google and Yahoo Finance, and newspapers like the WSJ and the Nikkei
  • central banks, regulators, statistical agencies and other government or quasi-government organizations

Quandl is a collaborative effort. If there's a dataset or source that you would like added to Quandl's markets portal, please let me know.