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Supersets V2

We have changed the way you create supersets. Instead of using a web based interface, supersets are now created and edited using Quandl Toolbelt.

Why the Change?

This change was motivated by the tedium of the previous user interface. This new method, while slightly "lower level" is far more powerful and efficient.

Getting Started

Before you can create a new superset or edit an old one, you need to download the Quandl Toolbelt.

Creating a Superset

To create a superset, you simply define it in a text file and send the definition to Quandl using toolbelt. For example, create a file called my_ss.qdf (the file can have any name) that looks like this:

code: SS1
name: Gold and Silver Prices
description:  Current gold and silver prices in USD.
- Gold Price
- Silver Price

Then send this superset to Quandl:

$ quandl superset upload my_ss.qdf

You have now created this superset. If you need to change SS1 in future, just edit the text file and repeat the upload. You don't actually have to keep a copy of the file. You can pull it down from Quandl if you need to:

$ quandl superset download SS1 > my_ss.qdf

For more information, see the Toolbelt Reference Page and/or Quandl Data Format (QDF) reference page.

If you have any difficulty, please email me for support: